Oreo Churros Are Officially Being Sold In Stores, So Life Is Complete (Photos)

Oreo Churros are arguably one of the most delicious snacks on the face of the planet.

However, there's just one problem with these tasty treats.

These heavenly sticks aren't sold in stores, so if you want them, you have to pray your baking abilities are good enough to whip up a batch of these bad boys on your own.

That was until now, of course.

Yep, the glorious day the world has been waiting for is finally here.

The snack gods finally made all of our hungry dreams come true by making Oreo Churros available at grocery stores across the country.

I know, it's a wonderful time to be alive.

You can buy these babies in the normal 10-inch size or the bite-sized varieties, and as you would assume, each of these tasty treats features an irresistible churro doughnut packed with a delicious Oreo creme filling.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these delicious new snacks.

Oreo Churros finally hit stores across the nation...

This exists and I'm interested (to put it mildly) https://t.co/DLLShCTsKu pic.twitter.com/yIEcXw1ebG — Maaike (@maaikesww) November 19, 2015

...and now, people are basically losing their minds over these mouthwatering snacks.

Oreo churros ??? I need it — Melanie DeCerbo (@mellydecerbo) November 19, 2015

In fact, some people might be a bit too excited.

just seent Oreo churros.. if there's anything that's gonna make me prematurely ejaculate it's an Oreo churro — ⓩ ⓐ ⓒ ⓗ (@Mastr_Splinter) November 14, 2015

But then again, you can't totally blame them...

I have waited so long for these Oreo churros I only have to wait till after dinner to try them I'm so blESSED — Autumn / 244/248 (@autumn_dayyy) November 17, 2015

...because these delectable creme-filled doughnuts look delicious AF.

[뉴스] 국내 도입 시급한 '오레오 츄러스' #oreochurros https://t.co/ZN4f7w12JV pic.twitter.com/kEzjv5JAND — 비주얼다이브 (@visualdivenews) November 18, 2015

You can find the new churros in the freezer section.

Oh sweet mystery of life at last I found thee https://t.co/nzIlPakjv8 — Colin Weir (@radiocolin) November 19, 2015

In addition to the normal and bite-sized, creme-filled churros, you'll also be able to buy Traditional, Double-Twisted and bite-sized, non-filled Oreo Churros.

#oreo #yummy Oreo Churros are coming to a store near you:https://t.co/4N0VBUMkzE pic.twitter.com/Q4NARHTcze — Gray Hall (@GrayHallNBC12) November 5, 2015

Seriously, just clean out my bank account because I want every damn box in the store.

Apparently Oreo churros are a thing... #Shutupandtakemymoney — Ruthless Toothless (@jimmy3357) November 13, 2015

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