There's A Calendar For The Sexiest NYC Cab Drivers, And It's Incredible (Photos)

A while back, I made you drool over a bunch of smoldering studs from the Aussie Firefighters Calendar.

If those blazin' babes made you sweat, you'll be glad to know those brawny brave men aren't the only ones willing to show a little skin for a good cause.

The 2016 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar just arrived, and you might want to crank up the air conditioning or roll down a window because it's about to get seriously hot up in here.

If you're a fan of dad bods, you're in for a treat because this year's edition features 12 tantalizing months' worth of irresistible beefcakes from the city's boroughs.

The calendar was created by Shannon and Philip Kirkman and is meant to be a hilarious spin-off of the typical eye-candy calendars filled with ripped male models and athletes.

Philip Kirkman told the New York Post,

There are many stereotypes against cabbies, and I hope these show people that cabbies are no different from you and I.

Plus, a portion of the calendar's sales goes toward University Settlement, the oldest settlement house in the US, so you can hang these bad boys up on your fridge while also supporting a good cause.

Take a look at the hilarious photos from the calendar below.


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