OMFG: New York City Is Getting A 1,000-Foot Slip 'N Slide This Summer (Video)

Slip 'N Slides were the epitome of summertime as a child.

On August's hottest days, getting belly-burn on the rubber slide was always the best way to cool down.

To bring back the nostalgic toy this summer, Slide the City will install a 1,000-foot Slip 'N Slide in the middle of Manhattan.

Though it sounds mildly dangerous -- a rubber waterslide in the middle of the concrete jungle? -- past installations in Salt Lake City and Boise, ID, proved successful.

This summer, along with Manhattan, the company plans to set up additional oversized Slip 'N Slides in the outer boroughs and across the country in San Francisco. Details on these locations should be available within a few weeks.

Patrons can fork over $20 to take a one-time trip down the watery slide atop an inflatable tube; those who register early will only have to pay $15.

For $60, however, you can get unlimited use for an entire day, which really seems like the best deal given the circumstances.

No matter what you pay, you'll get a mouthguard (In case you crash into a car? Investigating this.) and a rental water gun, to sneak-attack unsuspecting New Yawkahs.

You'll have to rent the inflatable tube, however, unless you bring your own.

Whether or not the minute of inner-city watery fun will be worth waiting in avenue-long lines with other sweaty, grumbly New Yorkers remains to be seen.

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