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This New App Just For Food Photos Made My Sh*tty Salad Actually Look Edible

Step aside, Instagram. There's a new filter sheriff in town.

Foodie, a new app released by Line Corporation on February 2, has 24 gorgeous filters that are all designed specifically for food. While there are plenty of photo-editing apps out there with all kinds of crazy filters, Foodie stands out from the pack with ones designed for specific food types and textures.

Also -- and this is a big one -- the app helps you line your camera up directly overhead that avocado toast. If you've been on Instagram at all in the last couple years, then you know that those overhead shots are where it's at.

Line Corporation told Mashable that this crucial feature "lets you know the moment the camera is positioned completely horizontally."

I tried the app out for myself and gave my sh*tty salad a major facelift. You tell me which one looks better.



Believe me now?! I'd be embarrassed to share that first pic with my huge, adoring audience of (249) Instagram followers. But that second photo? I may just frame it.

With practically no effort, I was able to make cold broccoli in a tupperware look somewhat palatable. This app was made for people like me. I am extremely lazy and refuse to spend more than five seconds taking a picture of my food, if I snap a pic at all.

But when it comes to filters? Dude, I could spend all day flipping through hundreds, agonizing over which is the right one. These filters make it as easy as picking out food from a Panda Express picture menu. With names like BBQ, Sweet, Chewy and Crispy, there's really no way you can go wrong.

It even made this picture of an abandoned baby sock look scrumptious.

Your options are officially endless.

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