This Museum Encourages Visitors To Draw Art Rather Than Take Pics Of It

Museums are cool, but one of the cons to visiting one will always be the fact that photography is typically prohibited.

Sure, we understand snapping photos of the statues, paintings, sculptures and installments defeats the purpose of visiting a museum in the first place, but photography is one of the best ways to hold on to precious experiences.

So, how does one of Amsterdam's most popular museums deal with this?

Well, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is encouraging visitors to draw the artwork rather than take pictures of it.

Super creative, right?!

The museum's website reads,

In today's world of mobile phones and media a visit to a museum is often a passive and superficial experience. Visitors are easily distracted and do not truly experience beauty, magic and wonder. This is why the Rijksmuseum wants to help visitors discover and appreciate the beauty of art and history through drawing.

Hey, it's hard to argue with urging visitors to discover and appreciate the beauty of art. After all, they are at a museum!

The best part? The Amsterdam-based museum offers visitors a sketchbook and drawing utensils so they don't have to bring their own!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Just because you're not allowed to take pictures at museums doesn't mean you can't discover and appreciate the true beauty of art.


Actually, the best way to appreciate art is by making more art!


The Rijksmuseum urges visitors to draw their favorite pieces rather than snap photos of them.


What could be better than stimulating your creativity with fine art?


The website reads, "The problem now is...that we look at things quickly, fleetingly, superficially. We are easily distracted: by other people, our own thoughts, a little device vibrating in an inside pocket."


It continues, "Wouldn't it be nice if we could look a bit closer, a bit better? Maybe we have to learn how to look."


#Startdrawing, the museum's latest campaign, urges visitors to do just that!


If you're ever in Amsterdam and want to tap into your creative side, the Rijksmuseum should do the trick!


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