The Moon Just Had The Most Epic 'Photobomb' When NASA Snapped A Pic Of Earth

From curious woodland creatures that crawl in front of the camera to drunken idiots that jump into the background of your squad selfies at the bar, we've all seen our fair share of funny photobombed pictures.

However, we just came across one photobomb that is truly out of this world.

No really, I'm serious. This glorious photo was actually taken in outer space.

Earlier this week, the Earth was rotating around and showing off its cloudy #OOTD as it posed for some NASA satellite selfies.

Everything seemed to be going fine, until the moon decided to photobomb the unsuspecting Earth and I have to say, this might just be the most epic prank that ever occurred in the entire universe.

According to NASA's Instagram,

On July 5, the moon passed between NOAA's DSCOVR satellite and Earth. Our EPIC camera aboard DSCOVR snapped these images over a period of about four hours. In this set, the far side of the moon, which is never seen from Earth, passes by. In the backdrop, Earth rotates, starting with the Australia and Pacific and gradually revealing Asia and Africa.

LOL. Well played moon, well played.

NASA just captured a satellite image of the moon photobombing the Earth...

And now the Twitterverse has a lot to say about this hilarious photo.

@NASA good joke loooool — james (@Jqmessss) July 11, 2016

Some people really seem to love the moon's clever little prank...

@NASA That Moon! So Cheeky! — Obi-Wan Kenobi (@SirBenKenobi) July 11, 2016

And think that this image is simply out of this world...

@NASA @AnjaliRao6 love the idea of #moon photobomb! — Steve Atkinson (@Ackisteve) July 12, 2016

...while others think that the moon was a real asshole to ruin the sun's selfie.

@NASA #rude — Aviva Gary (@Aviva_Gary) July 11, 2016

If that's not entertaining enough for you, we've also seen some NASA critics who are having a pretty hard time believing that this picture is actually real.

@NASA totally fake movie. Everyone knows the moon is made of green cheese. — GaLiberal (@GaLiberal) July 12, 2016

But regardless of whether or not you think this lunar photobomb is legit, I think it's safe to say this Twitter user asked the one important question we all were secretly wondering.

@NASA does pokemon go work from up there? — Steven Thomas (@steatven) July 11, 2016

Seriously, who knew the moon had such a sense of humor?

@NASA @bbcweather Gotta love that moon. — Geoff Ruderham Esq: (@radioruderham) July 12, 2016

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