5 Essential Mobile Apps Every Responsible Partier Needs To Survive Coachella

by Circle

Spring has officially sprung, and if you're anything like me, you're dreaming of sunny weekends and sweet tunes with an adult beverage in hand.

Thankfully, it's music festival season, and Coachella is kicking things off with a massive lineup of musicians in April. Guns N' Roses, LCD Soundsystem and Calvin Harris headline in Indio, California, and it looks to be another record-setting year.

If you're lucky enough to be going, here are the essential apps every responsible festival-goer must have to survive Coachella this year.

Battery Doctor

Because you'll be snapping photos, looking at lineup details and texting friends, Battery Doctor (available for Android and iPhone) can be a lifesaver. This free app can extend your battery life up to 50 percent by managing your settings.

Bonus: Many users say the app also helps their phones perform better.


You packed several changes of clothes, your water bottle, sunscreen, chapstick, shades and phone.

But you always forget something — especially if you're camping.

Enter Postmates. Whether it's Sudafed for your newly-discovered desert allergy, a case of coconut water to hydrate or a giant tub of wet wipes, Postmates will deliver whatever it is you may need.


As of this writing, Airbnb has an assortment of camping spots within a few miles of the festival.

While there may be traffic, there's also quieter sleep. If camping isn't your thing, look into relatively affordable shared or private rooms, or even homes for larger groups.

Try Palm Springs, about a 40-minute drive, where it may be easier to find last-minute accommodations.


While grooving to your favorite tunes, don't carry anything unnecessary or easily lost/stolen.

Leave cash at home and pay digitally. Most Coachella vendors accept credit and debit cards. To split expenses among friends, use Circle. The free app lets you pay and get paid with an email or phone number.

There goes your excuse for not getting your friend back for the pricey festival ticket.


Your most essential app is a no-brainer: the official Coachella app.

The app features detailed maps, info about festival food and drinks, performance lineups and logistical deets like shuttle schedules and routes.

New for 2016 is the embedded companion app, Coachella VR, which offers virtual reality experiences like panoramic photos and virtual tours of the festival and campgrounds.

If you already have your ticket, your cardboard headset should arrive in your mailbox soon. How cool is that?

And there you have it: the essential Coachella apps!

Whether it's your first Coachella adventure or one of many, I hope you enjoy a beautiful spring weekend at one of the coolest festivals around.

This post was originally written by Donna Brown for Circle.