This Millennial Woman Traveled To 200 Cities Around The World By 28 Years Old

by Jake Cappuccino

Picture this: You're in your 20s and you've never really done anything crazy. Then one day, you drop everything, buy a boat and go sailing in the ocean for 54 days. How would that change you and impact you?

Well, one Millennial woman can tell you exactly what that feels like.

Meet Agnieszka “Aggie” Lal, a Polish-born travel influencer living in Los Angeles.

Now, meet Aggie Lal looking like a badass in front of a volcano in Guatemala.

In the time since the 28-year-old first left her native Poland at 18, Aggie's traveled to over 200 cities and 45 countries all over the world, from Arizona and Utah to Russia and Thailand.

Talk about getting a serious travel bug!

Don't feel intimidated by people doing badass things.

Her love for traveling even inspired her to start sharing her beautiful adventures on social media with the rest of the world, including her more than 61,000 followers on Flipagram, Aggie's photo-video app of choice for producing and sharing all her incredible travel content.

Given Aggie's experience traveling -- especially at such a young age -- and all the videos and travel content she's created, I talked to Aggie to get the lowdown on some of the best, worst and most beautiful places she's ever been to as well as any tips and advice she might have for any would-be travelers.


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Aggie's explored a lot of Queensland, Australia, and she had nice words for Sydney, Australia's most populous city, saying,

I lived there for five years, and it's beautiful. It's easy for Americans to travel there because Australians love Americans.

Her time at Hayman Island is making me seriously jealous.

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I mean, look at this cockatoo.

In one of her videos from Australia, she suggested getting to places really early, as early as 5 am, so there are way fewer people.


Aggie said,

I love it there, people are so sweet, and it's so affordable. It's like a movie at a beach. It's unbelievable.


Aggie definitely has a soft spot for her birthplace, saying,

Amazing beautiful mountains, snow covered peaks, you can hike, awesome culture and it's very affordable. Everything is good on prices. Unspoiled in a cultural experience. It's a very undiscovered jewel… In Poland, people are super welcoming.


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Aggie really enjoyed Canada and went all over British Columbia. She really loved Joffre Lake, saying, “The color of the water is insane. I was blown away. I was so impressed.”

She added that Whistler, the ski resort town known for co-hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, is actually great over the summer as well, saying, “It's beautiful in summer. People go for winter, but summer is the best time of year.”

Russia and China

Aggie didn't enjoy Russia and China as much, and said she felt like a nuisance while visiting them.

But, she did have some kind words for China, saying, “It's bizarre. Sometimes, it's in a good way, but I wouldn't recommend Beijing. In Shanghai, people are more positive.”


Guatemala wasn't Aggie's favorite place, but it sure is beautiful.


For any would-be travelers, Aggie offered a piece of advice.

She said,

There's only one unique you, one life, one planet. Make the most out of it... Don't feel intimidated by people doing badass things. The way you travel is unique and the world needs that. Be the change you want to see and that's travel.

Well, I'm super jealous. I'm going to have to visit like all of these places, even the not-good ones.

As for Aggie, she's since settled in Los Angeles, but it seems no matter what she's doing, she always makes time for traveling, and she thinks you should too.

I know I could!

Check out more of Aggie's adventures on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Flipagram.

And see some her best shots from around the world below. Beware, they'll give you serious travel envy.

Niagara Falls

Algonquin Park




Grand Canyon, Arizona