This Is How Much Men's NYE Style Has Changed Over 100 Years (Video)

by Kendall Wood

You either have a sense of fashion, or you don't. But when it comes to changing with the times, most people eventually conform to current trends in an effort to stay styling.

Some people care more about their style than others, but when it comes to dressing for a special occasion, it's hard to shy away from turning it up a notch. There's no occasion more widely-celebrated that calls for such fashion than New Year's Eve.

Although the ladies have options galore for varying NYE celebrations, men's fashion tends to be more restricting in the suit department.

The team over at Mode took it upon themselves to dish out the inspiration for this year's NYE and put together a compilation of men's fashion over the last century.

If you're looking to switch up your steeze in 2016, why not kick it off with one of these sexy looks?

The undone look was super sexy in 1985...and still is.


Confidence is one accessory needed to pull off the hottest look of 1975.


You could swing the classic 2005 look if you don't care much for updating your wardrobe.


Check out the full video above for more throwback looks to ring in 2016!

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