Mastercard Now Allows Users To Access Their Accounts With A Selfie Password

Nothing resonates with Millennials quite like the selfie.

Quick, easy and self-adoring, it's the laziest, greatest form of self-expression you can think of.

MasterCard wants twenty-somethings to know they get it. Remembering passwords is hard. But taking selfies?

That's as easy as one, two, smize.

MasterCard's new identity check software will include face recognition. So instead of having to dig through the far reaches of your mind for your dog's name or a childhood street, you can simply flip your phone around and flash that duck face.

To make your bank account extra secure, MasterCard will also include fingerprint scans and heartbeat sensors. Assuming you have all those things, accessing your pizza money will be easier than ever.

MasterCard says half of shoppers forget their password at least once a week, making the switch to selfies a complete no-brainer (pun intended, thank you).

The company plans to introduce the selfie check in the US, the UK and Canada this summer, leaving you plenty of time to perfect that head tilt.

No word yet on when we'll start seeing #PasswordSelfie crop up on Instagram.

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