Hotel Rescues Little Girl's Toy Bunny And Takes It On An Epic Adventure (Photos)


If you thought your holiday break was pretty awesome, you clearly haven't seen the vacation one lucky hotel guest had over the weekend.

Apparently, someone left a toy rabbit behind after breakfast while visiting the Adare Manor Hotel and Golf Resort in County Limerick, Ireland on January 2.

But this stuffed animal didn't let losing its owner ruin the holiday or get its spirits down.

Instead, this little guy decided to live it up at the hotel until its beloved owner returned for it.

Yep, the hotel staff took great care of the new fuzzy guest and posted photos of the bunny sitting by the pool, enjoying some tea in the dining room and even getting a massage before it was finally reunited with the adorable owner, Kate, earlier this morning.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this bunny's awesome vacation in Ireland.

Over the weekend, a toy bunny was separated from its owner...

...and left behind at the Adare Manor Hotel in Ireland.

But losing its owner didn't get this fuzzy fellow down.

In fact, this bunny basically got to live the life.

The hotel posted photos of this adorable toy rabbit enjoying everything from afternoon tea...

And some sightseeing with the hotel staff members... some downtime next to the cozy fireplace as it waited for its long-lost owner.

Eventually the hotel was able to locate the owner of this adorable guest...

And after a good night's sleep...

And a relaxing massage... was reunited with its beloved BFF, Kate.

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