Loki The Cat Is Taking Over Social Media With Insane Vampire Cuteness (Photos)

Like her predecessor Lil BUB, Loki the cat suffers from her fair share of health problems.

But also like her predecessor, Loki's unique appearance gave way to Internet fame — and the love and support that come with it.

It's not known what exactly caused Loki to look the way she does: With inward-slanting eyes and a not-fully-formed jaw, the little feline looks almost comically like a vampire.

But her human, Kaet, takes good care of her and shares Loki's many camera-worthy moments with her rapidly growing Instagram following.

Loki is quickly joining the ranks of the most famed felines on the Web. Check her out below.

This is Loki.

As you can see, she's not your average kitty.

To some, Loki's vampire-like appearance may be a little frightening...

...but rest assured, she's a total sweetheart.

Loki's owner, Kaet, says the cat was adopted from a shelter.

Nobody was quite sure what happened to the little fuzzball...

...but the kitty needed a loving home (and an owner with a sense of humor).

Thankfully, lil' Loki got all that and more.

Now, she has more than 23,000 followers on Instagram.

And her followers all know Loki truly is a special cat.

Check her out on Instagram here.

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