Vlogger's Lip Plumping With Wasabi May Be Dangerous


When I was a kid, my mom would attempt to comb my unruly hair and tell me, over my cries, that "pain is beauty."

It is just something that anyone who has grown up with impossible beauty standards accepts at some point.

I use rough scrubs to exfoliate my skin, I've burned my scalp countless times with a hair straightener, and I've even tried to do a squat once so I could get a Kim K butt.

But this is new.

YouTuber Farah Dhukai has found a new way to plump her lips: wasabi.

That's right, it isn't just for sushi and clearing out your sinuses anymore, it can also be used to make your lips look like you got injections!

She wrote,

She rubs the wasabi on her mouth for no longer than a minute, wipes it off with a damp cloth and then moisturizes with lip balm.


Farah tells her fans to, of course, do a patch test to make sure they don't have a crazy allergic reaction -- so Teen Vogue reached out to a dermatologist to see how safe wasabi lip plumping actually was.

Dr. S. Manjula Jegasothy, the founder of Miami Skin Institute, said,

So, should you risk an acute allergic reaction to have CUTE LOOKIN' LIPS?!

Dr. Jegasothy offers a safer alternative.

First, soak your lips in warm water and then gently brush them with a toothbrush twice a week. After that, she says,

Hmm, yeah, I think I'm going to listen to the doctor and save the wasabi for my spicy salmon roll. ("Spicy salmon roll" is not a euphemism I use for any of my body parts.)

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