This Insane Life Hack Shows You How To Light A Match With A Rubber Band


A matchstick can be a real fickle bitch.

If it happens to be windy out or the air conditioning is blasting, or even if you simply breathe too heavily in front of it, you might as well kiss your fire-making skills goodbye.

One novel life hack may change all of that as all you need is a rubber band and dash of gumption to make all your suave match-lighting dreams come true.

To light a match with a rubber band, all you have to do is tie a cow hitch knot on the match (it's way easier than it sounds), loop the other end around another match and slingshot them together.

At the very least, it's a fun party trick you can show your friends without having to worry too much about causing yourself bodily harm. Watch the video above to get the full how-to on making fire from rubber, and in this case, you can go ahead and try it from home.

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