'Jurassic Park' Fans Can Now Visit A Dinosaur Park, So Hold On To Your Butts

Anyone who has watched "Jurassic Park" knows it's a classic. With dinosaurs, a crazy scientist and Jeff Goldblum, what's not to love?

When I was a kid, I couldn't help but wish a place like that actually existed (without, you know, the possibility that anyone could potentially get ripped to shreds by a raptor).

Fortunately, my wish (and the wish of every other person who has ever watched "Jurassic Park") has come true.

Moab Giants Dinosaur Park in Moab, UT, officially opened this September, and it's the closest you'll ever get to living the "Jurassic Park" dream IRL.

OK, so it's not an island and the dinosaurs don't move, but trust me, that's a good thing.

The desert in Moab is the perfect place for this park, where many dinosaur bones were discovered thanks to Utah's unique landscape.

Dinosaur nerds can marvel at over 100 life-sized dinosaur renderings on a half-mile-long, outdoor dinosaur trail within the 60-acre park.

You can even embrace your inner Ross Geller and uncover some dinosaur bones yourself.

But if you hate being outside, there are plenty of dinosaur-related stuff to see inside, too.

The park has two 3D theaters, a dinosaur tracks museum and a 5D virtual-reality experience in the paleoaquarium, which is basically a virtual aquarium full of dinosaurs that lived underwater.

Is my dinosaur nerdiness showing? I don't care.

I would just go to this park for all the great selfie opportunities.

You can take on a T-Rex...

...0r run from one.

Raptors that don't move are way less scary than the ones in "Jurassic Park," but they're just as cool.

No humans were eaten or harmed in the making of this photo.

You won't have to worry about any electric fences here, either.

Overall, it seems like a pretty cool place to hang out.

And Moab Giants isn't the only dinosaur park in the area. You can hop in your Jeep 29 and make a whole day out of it.

Who cares about bar hopping? Just go dinosaur-park hopping, instead. (But watch out for the raptors.)

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