This Jamaican Cricketer Is Giving Dan Bilzerian A Run For His Money (Photos)

As you probably already know by now, professional poker player Dan Bilzerian is a known playboy due to the badass, lavish lifestyle he often flaunts in front of the camera.

Despite the fact that many of us have already crowned Bilzerian the King of Instagram for constantly hanging around gorgeous women and owning all of the coolest firearms and sickest supercars, there might be someone who can match up.

Say "hello" to Chris Gayle, a Jamaican cricketer known for being a beast on and off the field. Gayle's boss lifestyle is similar to Bilzerian's in that he lives in the fast lane along with expensive rides, breathtaking views and beautiful women.

Their similarities have inclined Gayle to challenge Dan B. by letting the people decide who the King of Instagram really is.

This is where you come in!

This is Chris Gayle, a Jamaican cricketer. Clearly, he's also a boss.

It seems that Gayle has an Instagram account cool enough to rival Dan Bilzerian's.

In case you forgot who Dan Bilzerian is, here's a reminder.

Do you think Chris Gayle's boss lifestyle outdoes Bilzerian's playboy lifestyle?

You be the judge. He's clearly got the ladies.

He has the cars.

Not to mention, the breathtaking views.

You can't call yourself a boss and not smoke cigars while sipping champagne.

And what's life without a late night dip in the hot tub?

The man knows luxury. This is a Louis Vuitton racecar:

When he's not playing cricket, he's enjoying some good ol' basketball!

Even the older women love him.

Who's got a bigger pool? Gayle or Bilzerian? This is Gayle's:

This is Bilzerian's:

Here's Gayle joined by a few Miami Heat cheerleaders:

The swag is impeccable.

The game is untouchable.

What's the life of a boss without making a few important phone calls?

He's got five passports, he's never going to jail.

"Toys 'R' Us." - Chris Gayle

Bury him inside the Louis store!

So who's the king of Instagram? Poker player Dan Bilzerian?

Or Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle?

H/T: Mirror