Pumpkin Goals: These Amazing Jack-O-Lanterns Are Winning Halloween

I grew up in a tiny town in a tiny state in New England, and every Halloween, a tiny church in my tiny town would hold a pumpkin-carving contest.

Pretty much all of the kids in town participated. It was the Halloween tradition everyone looked forward to (even more so than the trick-or-treating, which came in a close second).

For the most part, our pumpkins were pretty pitiful — that sh*t is tiring — but there was always that one kid who went all out and made a jack-o-lantern everyone was jealous of.

These are those pumpkins.

From spooky scenes to cartoon faces and everything in-between, these carefully-carved creations are the undisputed winners of Halloween ’15.

Get inspired; take a picture; do whatever you want — just don’t smash ‘em. Because these aren’t just jack-o-lanterns, they're art.

First Place: The Spooky “Nightmare Before Christmas” Scene

Second Place: This Wicked Witch

Third Place: The Champion Charizard

Fourth Place: The Death Star Squash

Fifth Place: An Outstanding Owl

Runner-Up: These Creepy Characters

Runner-Up: The Perfect Pikachu

Runner-Up: These Spooky Silhouettes

Runner-Up: This Spectacular Sugar Skull

Runner-Up: A Terrifying Twosome

Honorable Mention: This Beastly Boogeyman

Honorable Mention: The Grumpy Cat-O-Lantern

Honorable Mention: This Nirvana Punk-in

Honorable Mention: These Freaky Faces

Honorable Mention: This Creepy Cheshire Cat