This Instagram Account Perfectly Captures How Stressful Adulthood Is

by Robert Anthony

At this point, most of us have fully entered adulthood against our own will.

Growing up wishing we were adults with responsibilities has finally come back around to kick us in the ass. Hey, you know what they say: Be careful what you wish for!

"Growing up" just means taking on more debt, paying more bills and being miserable for decades at a time.

An interesting Instagram account, @instachaaz, is a canvas for illustrator Chaz Hutton's brutally honest artwork. In his most recent series, Hutton reveals the different struggles that come with adulthood and how stressful they really are by drawing a collection of graphs and charts on Post-Its.

Whether you're too scared to look at how much money is left in your bank account after a night out on the town, or you're simply just trying to make it from Monday to Friday, we can all agree this whole "adult-ing" thing isn't easy for anyone.

Check out the all-too-relatable illustrations below for a closer look!

Adulthood sounds cool until you realize life is just waiting for your laundry to finish.

The welcome sign to adult life should read, "Good luck not falling into debt!"

Apartment shopping? You're in for a real treat.

Adulthood: where you go when you want to develop undiagnosed alcoholism.

We've given up on the idea of superheroes saving the world and learned to appreciate coffee more.

The Payday Cycle: a vicious cycle that haunts adults on a bi-monthly basis.

Your social life eventually depends on mobile apps.

Growing up means knowing you should prioritize but never really prioritizing.

It also means endless work -- until the day you die.

In grown-up land, nursery rhymes and bedtime stories just don't cut it. Staring at every social media app to avoid thinking about your own problems, however, works like a charm!

Adulthood is knowing you should use the bathroom before you leave, but telling yourself you can hold it because you're no longer a little kid.

Hangovers become harder and harder to shake.

Every weekend begins with immense hope but eventually boils down to the same crap you always do.

Forget drugs. Here's your brain on adulthood:

As adults, we all have that one friend who's just too real.

Adulthood in a nutshell:

For updates, follow Chaz Hutton's work on Instagram.

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