Five Insanely Cool Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine That Actually Work (Video)

We've all faced the familiar struggle of trying to open a bottle of wine when the corkscrew is nowhere to be found.

But if you're a dedicated wine drinker like myself, nothing can keep you and your beloved beverage apart.

Not even a pesky old cork.

Sometimes you just have to get a little crafty with your uncorking methods.

When it comes to popping bottles, not all wine hacks are created equal.

But luckily, Eater did all the hard work for us and figured out the best ways to get to your precious wine without using a corkscrew or smashing the bottle against the wall out of frustration.

In its video demonstrations, you'll see everything from a bike pump to a blowtorch, so no matter what resources you have on hand you'll be sure to get that bottle open in no time.

Check out the video to see these clever ways to open a bottle of wine.

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