These Innovative Pizza Boxes Save Space And Keep Your Hands Grease-Free

While pizza may be one of the greatest inventions of all time, the packaging it comes in could still use a little work.

There's nothing more annoying than trying to salvage your leftover slices by searching for space in your already packed fridge to stuff a big cardboard box.

A student at the Maryland Institute College of Arts, Yinan Wang is no stranger to the struggles of living in a cramped dorm room with minimal storage space.

For a recent project, he set out to find a solution for your leftover pizza problems by creating a clever new pizza packaging design called Toss.

This innovative concept ditches the old-school square design and individually packages your delectable slices into their own triangular-shaped boxes.

Each box is armed with a detachable holder that lets you devour your heavenly slice without dirtying your hands.

If you flip these bad boys over, you'll find all of the nutrition facts conveniently printed on the backsides of the boxes. Genius.

This awesome packaging is probably the best thing to happen in the history of pizza.

Say "goodbye" to those annoying square pizza boxes and "hello" to Toss.

Created by Yinan Wang, these innovative Toss boxes ditch the boring square design...

...and package each slice in its own triangular box.

Each box features a detachable holder to keep your fingers free of grease.

And if you flip these boxes over, you'll find all of the nutrition facts printed on the back.

Instead of cramming that big, bulky box in your fridge, you can neatly stack these boxes up and make the most out of your small spaces.

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