Incredible 3D Mini Ice Sculptures Will Keep Your Whiskey Extra Chill (Photos)

If you thought whiskey stones were the best way to chill your favorite spirit, think again.

There's a new cube on the block that will put those sh*tty little stones to shame.

Recently, the Japanese whiskey company Suntory teamed up with the ad agency TBWA/Hakuhodo to create a stunning series of 3D-subtracted ice cubes for an ad campaign.

This incredible collection of cubes, fittingly called 3D On The Rocks, features all kinds of carefully carved ice that resemble well-known landmarks and figures from around the world.

To make these icy creations, the company used the Autodesk 123D software to capture the three-dimensional images and then implemented this data into a CNC router that delicately chiseled away at the cubes.

The CNC routing machine was also chilled to 19 degree Fahrenheit to prevent these frosty little figures from melting.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these awesome 3D-printed ice cubes.


The Statue of Liberty

A mermaid

A rocketship

A diamond ring

The Apple logo



A shark

The Sphinx


The statue of David

A scorpion

An Asian-inspired temple

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