In Six Seconds, This Vine Magician Will Make Everything You Know Disappear (Video)

Face it, when you want to see something crazy, you open up your Vine app and grab some popcorn. However, the definition of "crazy" is about to change on Vine forever. Introducing: the "Vine magician."

No, seriously, a Vine user named Zach King has been causing some noise on the web as he continues to bless the Vine community with his amazing special-effects videos.

Each video is about six seconds, but you'll probably watch it six times over due to the fact that you can't believe your eyes!

For example, King will show you a picture of a kitten right before he actually grabs the kitten out of the picture and it comes to life. You're going to just have to see for yourself! Check out the videos below.

Kittens. Aren't they cute?!

There's a reason this kid doesn't take his shirt off... ever.

H/T: Mashable, Top photo courtesy of: Vine