This Ikea Kitchen Will Be The Closest Thing To Having A Personal Chef (Video)

In the future, your kitchen appliances will help you prepare five-star dishes instead of burning every meal you cook.

IKEA recently teamed up with design students and innovation experts from IDEO to create a futuristic Concept Kitchen 2025 exhibit that will change the way we live in 10 years.

Some of the visionary designs they hope to launch include food storage that doesn't require a fridge and an eco-friendly sink to sort and recycle water.

However, the most impressive thing they're bringing to the table is the actual kitchen table.

IKEA's new concept will essentially turn your kitchen table into a tech-driven cooking command center.

Thanks to a high-tech induction cooktop, the new smart table design will allow you to cook ingeniously and reheat food right on its surface.

Plus, this concept will also step up your chef skills by giving you a hand with measuring ingredients and suggesting recipes based on the foods placed on its surface.

If that's not impressive enough, the table will have a built-in charger for your iPhone and tablet.

Seriously, the only thing better than this would be a table that does the dishes, too.

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