This Coffee-Filled Ice Cream Cone Is The Tastiest Way To Get Your Caffeine


If you thought ice cream was the only thing you could put in a waffle cone, you clearly haven't seen the latest treats creating a lot of buzz on social media.

Apparently, getting your caffeine fix a la cone is the hottest new way to drink coffee.

That's right. Thanks to Dayne Levinrad, you can have you coffee and eat the cup too, since this evil genius figured out a way to serve coffee in a badass ice cream cone.

These coffee confections feature a patented chocolate-lined cone that's coated with four different types of chocolate compounds on the inside to prevent the coffee from leaking.

That being said, you still only have about 10 minutes to finish your cup before the coffee melts through the chocolate barrier, so if you get your hands on one of these cones, you better be ready to drink up fast.

As you can imagine, people are obviously losing their minds over these epic cones of coffee, and since debuting these bad boys back in January, nearly one million people have liked these #CoffeeInACone photos on Instagram.

Yep, that's right. These waffle cones are more Insta-famous than you are.

Check out the pictures below to see these incredible coffee-cone creations.

If you're still drinking your coffee out of those passé paper cups... clearly haven't caught on to the latest coffee craze sweeping social media.

Coffee In a Cone. An ice cream cone, to be exact.

That's right. There's a shop in South Africa called The Grind Coffee Company...

...that actually serves its java in some seriously tasty chocolate-coated cones.

Apparently, Dayne Levinrad is the clever barista behind this delicious new invention.

He came up with the idea while working as a coffee consultant in various cities around the globe...

...and returned to South Africa, where he got to work developing a leak-proof coffee cone.

Levinrad's patented waffle cones are coated with four different types of chocolate on the inside...

...and the unique design gives you about 10 minutes to finish your steamy sips before the hot coffee completely melts through the chocolate barrier.

It's not hard to see these things look insanely delicious...

...and since the cones made their debut a few months ago, they've become the most Instagrammed cups of coffee around.

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