These Hot Guys Are Using Their Adorable Puppies To Get Girls On Tinder (Photos)

If you thought DILFs of Disneyland was the best thing to happen on Instagram, you might want to brace yourself.

There's a new group of dads who are equally as hot, and unlike the Disney dads, these dudes are still up for grabs.

We recently came across another hilarious Instagram account called dogdilfsoftinder, and it features all sorts of sexy, single dads flaunting their furry little canine kids in Tinder pics.

Seriously, what girl in her right mind would swipe left on a sizzling hot doggy dad?

Whether these DILFs are snuggling up with their pups, taking the little guys outside for a stroll or perfecting the perfect man-mutt Tinder selfie, these eligible bachelors are the epitome of Internet eye candy, and their cute pups make them even more irresistible.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these hot dads and their dogs.

Feast your eyes on the dogdilfsoftinder.

They're just a bunch of hot single dads...

With cute canine kids...

Looking for perfect Tinder matches... complete their happy families.

What more could a girl want than a hot dude with an adorable dog?

Damn, these guys are doggone adorable.

No girl can resist swiping right for the dashing duos.

These doggy DILFs are certainly husband material.

They're dedicated to their puppy pals and not afraid of commitment.

These studs aren't afraid to show affection...

... and will always be there to pick you up when life knocks you down.

They love to snuggle...

And with all the practice they have at being dads...

...they'll obviously be great fathers to their human kids.