'Hot Girls Eating Pizza' Combines The Best Of Both Worlds (Photos)

Pizza looks (and is) pretty delicious on its own.

But, you know what's even better looking than a pie topped with melty, glistening mozzarella cheese?

A seriously hot girl shoving her face with a few slices.

That's right, there's a new Instagram called Hot Girls Eating Pizza, and trust me, this saucy account delivers.

This sizzling series was created by Marta Freedman, and just as you would expect, it features a variety of gorgeous girls chowing down on pizza.

Freedman came up with the idea for Hot Girls Eating Pizza last spring. After going through a bad breakup, she did what any sensible girl would do and headed to Roberta's in Bushwick to drown her sorrows in margherita pizza.

However, her cheesy endeavors gave her a piping-hot Instagram idea, and thus, Hot Girls Eating Pizza was born.

According to Freedman,

I made it as a joke. I started taking selfies of me eating pizza — and within a month it took off.

Who knew eating your feelings could look so damn good?

Move over, Hot Guys Eating Salad...

Hot Girls Eating Pizza is the tastiest trend burning up the social media scene.

This account features gorgeous gals who aren't afraid to get their hands a little greasy...

...as they chow down on all sorts of heavenly pizza slices.

No Prada outfit is complete without a little pizza.

This awesome Instagram was created by a 20-something named Marta Freedman.

She swapped her breakup sorrows for a few slices and started taking pizza selfies with her beloved margherita pies.

This gave her the idea for Hot Girls Eating Pizza, and within a month, this delicious account really began to take off.

There's nothing sexier than a girl who loves to show off her slices.

When it comes to these hotties, all pizza sizes are personal pies.

To become one of these hot girls eating pizza, all you have to do is submit a photo.

If she dubs you hot or cool enough, she'll arrange to meet you at your favorite pizzeria.

Two Boots, Grimaldi's and Joe's Pizza tend to be the most popular pizza spots requested by these good-looking gals.

Freedman takes a Polaroid of you eating pizza and puts it on a delectable background to create the perfect, mouthwatering pic.

Seriously, who knew pizza could be so sexy?

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