30 Creative Graduation Caps That Are Worthy Of An A+

Graduation time is almost upon us, so you know what that means.

It's time pack up your dorm room, put on an ugly hat, walk across a stage and pray you don't trip over your gown and face plant in front of thousands of people.

Since everyone in your graduating class will be rocking the same scholar-chic style as you, it's never a bad idea to add some eye-catching elements to your cap.

But before you decide to deck out your dome with a cheesy Dr. Seuss quote or dress your hat in a basic Disney design, you should know there are even better ways you can use that square to let your personality shine.

From pop culture references and college puns to hilarious hats that highlight the fact you're about to be up to your eyeballs in student loan debt, there are all sorts of clever designs out there.

So in order to give you some inspiration for your own outfit, we set out to find a bunch of creative grad caps that are guaranteed to make you laugh.

No really, these students all deserve a final A+.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these awesome graduation cap designs.

It took forever, but I finally got the D.

I've got 99 problems, but a degree ain't one.

When you play the "Game of Loans," you either win or you die.

Four years later...

If you're reading this... I'm finally done.

Damn you, Hogwarts!

Four years! You go, Glen Coco!

Hey girl, Ryan always knew you could do it.

Because at some point, finals have made all of us say, "F*ck it. I'm making meth."

It's literally time to take some graduation selfies.

I want to be part of your payroll.

Teach me your ways.

Undergrad managed.

I couldn't have done it without you.

All I got was a piece of paper and this stupid cap.

Earning that diploma is a major key.

I survived the BS.

Pharmacology humor at its finest.

See you later, I'm off to contour the world!

I'm going to need more money than Christian Grey for this.

Game over, time to pay up.

Bye, Felicia.

Hello, loans.

Yo, I'm really happy for you. Imma let you finish, but Beyoncé had some of the best grades of all time!

At least that art degree was good for something.

My dog is going to be so proud of me.

I couldn't have done it without you, Quizlet.

The degree will set you free.

She doesn't even go here anymore.

New OB nurse, at your cervix.