These Headphones Let You Listen To Music While Keeping Your Ears Free

If you thought wireless headphones were cool, think again.

A company called Studio Banana Things designed bone-conducting headphone devices that allow users to listen to music without placing anything over their ears. In other words, these headphones are technically ear-free.

According to IFLScience, the device, priced at $149, is called the BATBAND.

The BATBAND funnels sound waves through the bones in your skull leading to your inner ears.

This device is also rechargeable and users can listen to music thanks to the Bluetooth capability.

If you know anything about jamming out to music, you know one of the main downsides is not being able to hear anything else around you. Luckily, this ear-free device solves that problem.

Studio Banana Things created a Kickstarter campaign for the BATBAND, and it managed to raise over $180,000 with an intended crowdfunding goal of $150,000.

And get this: There are still 42 days left to fundraise.

It's safe to say people want bone-conducting headphones!

This isn't a headband. This is actually a high-fidelity, ear-free headphone device called BATBAND!

Using bone-conducting technology, the device sends sound waves through your skull and into your inner ears.

Listeners can enjoy their music but also leave their ears available to remain aware of their surroundings.

The device, introduced on Kickstarter, already surpassed its intended fundraising goal of $150,000, meaning it is actually going to exist. Check out the video above for a closer look!

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