Dogs In Taiwan Are Getting Bizarre, Perfectly Round Or Square Haircuts (Photos)

Some haircut trends will really make you cringe.

Remember when everyone rocked that hideous "Rachel" cut back in the day?

Well, humans aren't the only ones who get regrettable haircuts, and there's been a growing number of dogs rocking square and round hairstyles lately.

I know what you're thinking, and the answer is "yes," it looks just as hilarious as it sounds.

According to RocketNews24, this trend is really taking Taiwan by storm. Tons of small dog owners are trying to turn heads with their furry little friends by having their pets' faces sculpted into perfect square and circular shapes.

These poor pups can blame the evils of the Internet for their geometric manes. Apparently, these Taiwanese dog owners are trimming their hounds like hedges to give them striking looks for social media fame.

Oh, the things we'll do for a few extra Instagram likes...

Forget normcore dogs...

...square hair is all the rage now.

In Taiwan, dogs are getting their tresses turned into topiaries...

...and square-shaped haircuts.

If the square 'do just doesn't do it for you, circular cuts are also super trendy at the moment.

Apparently, owners are opting for these bold doggy 'dos to make their furry BFFs look more distinct...

...and stand out on social media.

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