Hair Donuts Have Another Awesome Use You Probably Didn't Know About

Hair donuts, if you haven't heard, came onto the beauty scene in 2012 when topknots were nearing their peak trendiness. Shaped like a donut and made out of spongey material, they help topknot aficionados achieve the perfect up-do.

But as topknots transition into their fad afterlife, so do all of our barely-used hair donuts.

Thanks to one savvy beauty blogger who uses hair donuts to clean makeup brushes, they could very well be brought back from the dead.

For anyone who likes to switch up his or her makeup regularly, cleaning brushes can be a drag.

By swirling the brush directly on the hair donut without any water, you can remove the pigment and use a new color instantly.

Summer Song shows us how in a quick and easy Instagram post.

While this technique is an awesome quick fix, don't give up completely on washing your brushes with soap and water. After all, that's the only way you can be sure you don't get eyebrow crabs.


Trying to rack up even more life hacks? Look no further than this video about how to work out during your morning commute. You're welcome. 

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