13 Guys Reveal What It's Really Like To Be The Side Piece For Someone (Photos)


The wise rapper Fabolous once said, "The entrée ain't as good without somethin' on the side."

As someone who's been on both ends of the side-piece spectrum, I can tell you having a side piece is a lot more fun than actually being a side piece.

Throughout college, I habitually had a boyfriend plus one or two guys on the side.

But then one day, I finally got a taste of my own medicine and experienced firsthand what it's like to be the dreaded side chick.

Long story short, being the other woman in the relationship really f*cking sucks.

When it comes to being a side piece, women usually get most of the attention, but there are dudes out there who also occupy the side-piece roles in relationships.

Recently, Whisper, the app that lets you spill the beans about your deepest, darkest secrets via anonymous messages, asked a bunch of guys to dish the deets on what it's like to be the "other man" in a relationship.

Take a look at the pictures below for the male perspective on being a side piece.

I'm destroying her marriage.

I don't want to share.

Sometimes, being a side piece has its advantages.

You have to realize your worth.

I want to be the only one, not an option.

Let the main dude spend the money.

I want to steal her away from the other guy.

I'm in too deep.

I got no time for cheaters.

I turned into my own worst enemy.

It's tearing up my heart.

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