15 Guys Confess The Things They Want To Change About Their Girlfriends

There's no such thing as the perfect human being.

So even if you're madly in love with someone, odds are, there are at least one or two flaws you can find in his or her typical behaviors.

Not too long ago, we gave you the inside scoop on all the things guys find irresistible in women, as well as a variety of things dudes consider to be total boner killers.

If you thought that was intriguing, you'll be glad to know we recently came across some new confessions that will give you some insight on the male perspective.

That's right. Whisper, the app that lets you share your secrets on social media, recently asked a bunch of men to get real about all the things they don't like about their girlfriends.

Whether it's being more intimate and spicing things up in the bedroom or simply showing a little appreciation every now and then, there are all sorts of things guys wish their girlfriends would do on the reg to make their relationships better.

Take a look at the pictures below to see guys confess all of the things they wish they could change about their girlfriends.

Is a snuggle sesh so much to ask for?

I wish she paid more attention to me.

I hate that she always keeps me waiting.

I wish she would kick the kink up a notch or two.

She just doesn't get what I want in the bedroom.

I miss her when she's at work.

Showing a little appreciation goes a long way.

She needs to step up the sexting.

I wish she wasn't such a tomboy all the time.

Sometimes I think she has more feelings for Fido than me.

I want her to text me and say "hi," not just text when she needs something.

I want her to take the reins when we roll around in the sheets.

It would be nice if she had more pet names for me.

All I want is for her to be more motivated.

Or at least pretend she wants to be with me.

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