13 Men Confess The Things Women Do That Turn Them Off


When it comes to being seduced, people are all different.

Everyone has that unique, subtle turn-on that compels him or her to rip someone's clothes off.

Likewise, people have certain things that kill the mood faster than having parents unexpectedly barge in while they're getting down and dirty with their Tinder dates.

Yeah... awkward.

Lately, I've been showing you a lot of confessions from Whisper, an app that let's you anonymously spill the beans on your deepest, darkest secrets.

For its latest secret-snatching endeavor, Whisper asked a bunch of dudes to dish out the deets on all the things women do that are the ultimate boner killers.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the things that turn men off the most.

Don't pretend to be dumb.

Just call me an assh*le.

Keep your cleavage under control.

A pedicure is a major key.

No dude likes an Instagram addict.

It's all downhill from the duck face.

If she hasn't seen "Star Wars," she doesn't get the light saber.

Put some thought into your sexting, ladies.

It's not you, it's your teeth.

Leave those old-school, high-waisted pants in the past, please.

Learn to kiss quietly.

Bad grammar is the biggest boner killer.

Beauty is useless without the brains to go along with it.

For more confessions, check out Whisper.