This Guy May Take The World's Most Epic Facebook Profile Pictures

A picture says a thousand words, so you have to choose carefully when it comes to selecting the perfect profile picture for your Facebook.

However, when it comes to capturing the money shot for your social media pages, some people really take their profile pictures to the next level, going way beyond the simple selfie and tacky tiger picture.

Case in point: this awesome Facebook user who updates his profile picture every week. Using makeup, costumes and various strategic locations, he takes on a different character in each image, and to be honest, his creative pictures are pretty epic.

While the identity of this mysterious Facebook user remains unknown, one thing is for sure: This guy is definitely changing up the social media scene with his clever photos and making some serious competition in the profile picture game.

Take a look at the photos below to see the world's most epic profiles pictures.

He carries the social media world on his shoulders.

His pictures are so good, he must be a data miner.

He has the profile precision of a surgeon.

Not even Jaws can stop him.

He'll go to great depths to capture the perfect pic.

He has the bravery of Indiana Jones...

And the spirit of Snow White...

Along with the brawn of a builder.

When it comes to beating the Facebook competition, no one can compare to this guy.

His pics are the apple of Facebook's eye.

But he still makes time for poker night with his dogs.

When he's not ruling Facebook, you can find him ruling the ocean.

He knows the formula for creating the ultimate pic.

Picasso would be proud of his Facebook page.

He even represents for all the lumbersexuals out there.

His profile pictures are pretty magical.

He's armed with more than just incredible poses.

And he's not afraid to live on the edge, either.

He could teach all the basic bros a thing or two about making bath time manlier.

This guy is clearly a man of many talents.


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