Guy Paints Portraits Using Only His D*ck And They're Actually Amazing (Photos)

The Internet can be a horrid, disgusting, no-good place.

Proving my point is one guy known as Pricasso. But why is he called that, you ask?

Well, this bizarre fellow uses his penis to paint every single piece he composes.

Pricasso, whose real name is Tim Patch, made headlines for this, proving if you're weird enough, you will get attention.

You now have no excuse not to be successful. Remember, if you have genitals, you can craft fine art with them.

According to Huffington Post, the Australia-based artist is set to unveil his crotch-related talents at an artistic event called Sexpo UK. Apparently, he's been doing this for a while without really showing the world. I wonder why.

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, Patch revealed,

I am pretty sure I am the first person to be naked in the Olympia venue in London as they have a no-nudity policy. But I have to thank Sexpo for getting a special art concession license from the powers that be.

Patch is set to showcase his art and obscure talents in the UK from November 13 to 15.

Check out his work below if you must.

Tim Patch is making headlines for painting with his penis.

The artist was reportedly an art school reject during the 60s. After moving to Australia, he discovered he could, well, paint with his penis.

While some of us like using our hands, this guy clearly doesn't.

Patch is set to make his first UK performance art appearance this month.

Thankfully for Americans, nudity laws are super strict.

Regardless of how bizarre this is, you have to admit, the paintings are amazing.

Other than that, I think he should put some pants on. Seriously.

Next time you want a couple's portrait painted...

Or your BFF portrait...

...keep Tim Patch in mind.

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