Guy Goes Couchsurfing Around The World And Takes Incredible Photos

by Robert Anthony

Life as a photographer is a lot different than life as, say, a file clerk.

Aside from being a lot more creative, you also get to interact with and meet plenty of interesting people. If you're really looking to take your photography to the next level, you can travel and see all the world has to offer.

However, not everyone has the funding to commit to this kind of lifestyle. That's precisely why exists. This website allows people around the world to list and reserve couches.

The best part? There are couches in over 200,000 different cities and about 10 million users. That's a lot of couchsurfing!

This comes in handy for the low-budget photographer who isn't looking to blow $5,000 at the Four Seasons and would rather stay at a nice stranger's house for a couple of nights before moving on to the next continent.

Couchsurfing might seem a bit strange to use for first-timers, but it's actually pretty awesome.

Take photographer Malte Jäger, for example. Jäger was able to capture and document his expedition, as well as the journeys of others, through photography.

In a post about the goal of this visual project, Jäger revealed,

My aim in this project is to document how and if such communities are able to create worldwide real life personal contacts, make international understanding possible and help people of different social classes getting closer.

Check out the photos below of Jäger and fellow couchsurfers he met along the way.

Two German couchsurfers, Mareike and Ines, playfully throw tree seeds at each other during a stop in France.

A fishing boat heads out of Saint-Louis, Senegal.

A host sleeps on a floor in Africa.

Two brothers play with a frisbee in Africa.

A man named Barnabe bows on a stage with a couchsurfer named Amin.

Three couchsurfers sleep on a roof in Brooklyn.

Carrie, Amandine and several other people sleep in a small room in a loft apartment belonging to a nudist.

Three hitchhiking couchsurfers relax in the sun.

An Italian man named Camillo Micelli enjoys the water during a couchsurfing trip in Brazil.

Camillo stretches during a break from a 32-hour bus ride.

Instead of a couch, Camillo sleeps in a hammock during his stay in Brazil.

Here's a beautiful view over Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Kirin spends time in a sauna in Almaty, Kazakhstan during a couchsurfing trip through Central Asia.

Traveling couchsurfers Kirin, Ben and Tom take a dip in a hot spring bed found in the Pamir Mountains in Jawshargor.

Kirin spent time with a host family while trekking through the Pamir Mountains in Bulunkul.

Kirin rests during a roadtrip from Khorog, Tajikistan to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

A couchsurfer takes a bath in a nearby river.

A little Indian boy gets a haircut in Mumbai, India during Jieun Lee and Fouzia Maghraoui's couchsurfing trip.

A couchsurfer host rides a moped in India.

A salesman prepares his fresh corn to sell at his produce stand located in Juhu Beach, Mumbai, India.

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