Luke Hero

Guy Turns Doodles Into Hilarious New Facial Expressions For His Cat

Cats are interesting creatures. Some people agree; some don't.

But what we can all agree on is having a Sharpie handy while hanging out with a cat always makes for a collection of hilarious photos.

We came across a series of photos in which a creative cat owner changed his cat's facial expressions using a Sharpie marker and a piece of paper.

The results? Amazing.

Whenever you're thinking of something fun and simple to do without applying too much effort, just grab your cat and turn that frown upside down.

Nine times out of 10, cats are pissed, so this should be photographic gold!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

The look on your cat's face before it pounces on you:

*Yawn* "What a long day I had licking myself..."

"What do you mean I can't claw your eyes out?!"

"I'm gonna do it anyway!"

"I am Nicki Minaj."

"Now I'm SpongeBob."

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