Guy Charts Puppy's Growth With Sriracha Bottle In Insanely Cute Photo Series

Like most kids' moms, mine kept track of our ever increasing heights by documenting our growth spurts with an annual pencil mark on the kitchen wall.

Unfortunately, my growth capped off at a whopping 5'3'' while my brother's height continued to soar all the way up to the 6-foot mark.

While I clearly got the short end of the genetic stick for height, it's always fun to look back and reminisce upon the brief period in time that I was actually taller than my older brother.

But you know what's even better than looking back at your own development over the years?

Watching a precious puppy grow up right before your eyes!

That's right. An Imgur user who goes by the name Bengemm recently shared some photos online to capture his German Shepard's glorious transition from puppyhood to doggy adulthood.

However, instead of making marks on the kitchen wall to track this hound's height progress, this resourceful dog owner decided to spice the photos up by using a bottle of Sriracha for scale.

As you can probably imagine, people are losing their shit over seeing this delightful dog transform from a Sriracha-sized puppy into a big ass German Shepard in the blink of an eye, and so far these images have been viewed over 140,000 times.

Seriously, if these Sriracha dog photos don't make you cry tears of joy, you basically have no soul.

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