This Insane 'Gun' That Makes Dumplings In 2 Seconds Should Be Real (Video)

Science and cooking go hand in hand, so it's no surprise you can create some pretty amazing inventions when you get a few ideas cooking in the lab.

Recently, NTT DoCoMo created a fake machine gun for an advertisement that takes the meaning of fast food to a whole new level.

However, you won't find any bullets flying out of this weapon's barrel. Instead, this thing is armed with an arsenal of delicious dumplings.

That's right, there is now a way to measure out the perfect proportions of all the essential dumpling ingredients, wrap them up in a drool-worthy dumpling and cook it.

If that's not impressive enough, the machine completes the whole dumpling-making process in just over 2 seconds (and makes cooking look insanely fun).

The comical cooking video shows a perfect ball of meat fly out of the end of the barrel and pass through a blend of spices, which are sent into the air via robotic drum.

Then, the little ball of meat passes through some stretched-out dumpling dough before it is engulfed in an uproar of flames and finally lands in a catcher's mitt perfectly wrapped and cooked to perfection.

If one thing is for sure, having your meals made with a meat-firing machine gun and an explosion of flames looks way more awesome than having your food order handed to you at a drive-through window.

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