Greek Artist Draws On Euro Notes To Send A Powerful Message (Photos)

One of the great things about art is it allows you to express your beliefs without saying a word.

It's a versatile medium that can be used for everything from capturing the beauty of a sunset scene to leading the way in a protest against government policies.

While many countries have recovered from the worldwide financial crisis, Greece continues to face a variety of economic struggles fueled by corruption and European Union-imposed policies, and this hasn't gone unnoticed by the country's art community.

Recently, one artist, Stefanos, set out to transform his anger into a series of artwork that protests the Greek government.

By adding small illustrations to euro bank notes, Stefano gives this currency a meaningful makeover that conveys his frustration and despair.

Stefano sends his anti-austerity messages using everything from poverty and protestors to grim reapers in his hijacked euros.

After scanning a copy of each note, he then puts it back into circulation so his powerful messages will reach people living in other countries within the eurozone.

So why did this artistic protestor choose to use euros as his medium of choice?

Stefanos recently said,

Observing the euro banknote landscapes one notices a lack of any reality, whatsoever for the last five years the crumbling Greek economy has hatched violence and social decay – so, I decided to fuse these two things. Through hacking the banknotes I'm using a European document, that is in cross-border circulation, including Greece – thus, the medium allows me to 'bomb' public property from the comfort of my home.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Stefano's powerful euro notes.

These euro notes aren't your average currency.

By adding small illustrations to each note...

...Stefano transforms them into strong anti-austerity messages.

They protest corruption and the policies of the European Union.

His proactive images show everything from people hanging on for dear life...

...and sad, deadly scenes... giant, angry mobs...

...and grim reapers.

Stefanos puts each note back into circulation as a way to spread his message.

He hopes to get others to join the movement against EU-imposed austerity.

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