You'll Want To Go Camping ASAP After You See These 20 Gorgeous Photos

When it comes to traveling the world, there are two kinds of people: those who prefer to see the world through the window of a five-star hotel suite and the adventurous nomads who aren't afraid to get a little down and dirty.

If you happen to be the hotel type, brace yourself.

You're about to get a serious case of FOMO that just might convince you to ditch the maids and minibars for some rugged amenities.

Globe Trotting recently set out to find the some of the most beautiful places for roughing it in a tent for a couple days. The site compiled a variety of breathtaking photo submissions from exotic camping destinations across the globe.

From sandy beach sunsets and rust-colored desert canyons, to snowy mountain scenes and pristine lakes beneath clear blue skies, these camping snapshots certainly prove you don't have to stay at a resort to have an incredible vacation experience.

All of these camping landscapes show a beautiful side of the wilderness that is well worth enduring a few days without WiFi and a couple mosquito bites to see.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the best exotic camping tent photos.

Alauddin Lakes, Tajikistan

Al Jissah Beach Resort, Oman

Alvord Desert, Oregon

Big Allo Lake, Tajikistan

Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Coast Mountains, Canada

Colorado River, USA

Fann Mountains, Tajikistan

Hakatere Conservation Park, New Zealand

Homer, Alaska

Joffre Lakes, Canada

Joshua Tree National Park, USA

McNeil Ridge, Oregon

Mount Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon

Parc Nacional d'Aigüestortes, Spain

Redfish Lake, Idaho

Mount Robson Provincial Park, Canada

Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Seti River, Nepal

Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

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