This Gorgeous 59-Year-Old Grandmother Is A Super Successful Model (Photos)

Yasmina Rossi is not your average model.

For starters, she's 59 years old.

The French, Corsica-bred stunner began modeling in her late 20s but didn't make it big until she was 45 when she landed an international campaign for Brit retailer Marks & Spencer.

Since then, you may have seen Rossi fronting campaigns for major brands including Macy's, AT&T and MasterCard, and despite being a grandmother, the silver-haired beauty doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

Her late start in the industry is impressive, but truly, it's Rossi's natural, youthful beauty I find most remarkable.

Check her out below.

Meet Yasmina Rossi.

The 59-year-old model first made her mark in the fashion world over a decade ago...

...and she's been modeling ever since.

Most wonder how Rossi is able to stay so vibrant and youthful-looking…

...but she said, “There is no big secret [to her beauty regimen]."

In 2012, she told The Sunday Times, “All I have ever done is eat organic food."

She added, “I take oil and use it on my skin.”

Once per week, Rossi said she scrubs her skin using an olive oil and sugar mixture.

She also douses her hair in fatty, acid-rich rapeseed oil for shine.

Her inner beauty, though, is what makes her truly amazing.

Rossi has a real lust for life…

...and fills up her free time with hobbies such as photography and art.

Basically, she's the coolest grandma ever.

Check out her website or follow her Instagram account for more.

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