These Delicious Glazed Cannoli Doughnuts Are Completely Out Of Control (Photos)

There's no denying doughnuts are pretty damn delicious all on their own. But, you know what makes these sweet snacks even better?

Stuffing them with all sorts of delectable fillings.

We recently showed you some doughnuts stuffed with Pop-Tarts.

And if you thought those were awesome, you'll be glad to know your beloved breakfast pastry just got an Italian-inspired makeover, and trust me, these things look so good, they'll knock your socks off.

Feast your eyes on the almighty Glazed Cannoli Doughnut.

Created by Oh, Bite It!, these Frankenfood treats take your sugar rush to the next level by loading up a bunch of boring doughnuts with a mountain of mouthwatering cannoli cream.

If that doesn't sound impressive enough, they're also drenched in a delectable glaze, smothered in powdered sugar and topped off with an extra touch of chocolate.

If you wondering how you can sink your teeth into one of these sweet snacks, you'll be glad to know you can make them yourself since Oh, Bite It! was nice enough to dish out the sweet secrets.

These may look like your ordinary doughnuts...

...but don't let the unsuspecting outside fool you. The fluffy pastry facade hides a sweet secret.

There's a heaping pile of cannoli cream stuffed inside each doughnut.

That's right, Oh, Bite It! transformed your favorite breakfast pastry into a cannoli cream vehicle...

And it looks absolutely heavenly.

To make these tasty little treats, you'll need Pillsbury's Grands! Biscuits, ricotta cheese, powdered sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla, lemon juice, zest, cream and oil for frying.

In a large bowl, combine the ricotta, vanilla, sugar, chocolate chips, lemon juice and zest, and pop it in the fridge to chill.

Throw those biscuits in some hot oil, and fry them to golden brown perfection. While those are cooling off, make the glaze by combining the powdered sugar and cream.

After that's done, you can start to fill these babies up with that delicious cannoli cream stuffing.

All you have to do is smother them in glaze...

Make it rain powdered sugar...

...add some more chocolate for good measure, and voilà! You now have a delicious doughnut snack just waiting to be devoured.

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