OC Donut Bar

Doughnut Stuffed With A Pop-Tart Is The Most Amazing Breakfast Ever (Photos)

Demolishing a delicious doughnut is the perfect way to start off the morning when you're looking for a little sugar rush.

Remember when we showed you the turducken of doughnuts last month?

Well, if you thought that delectable snack was the most awesome thing ever to happen to your favorite morning treat, brace yourself.

There's a new stuffed doughnut on the block, and it's pretty much the answer to all of our breakfast pastry prayers.

The culinary gods over at OC Donut Bar have just taken breakfast to the next level by creating the ultimate treat that lets you eat delicious doughnuts and tasty Pop-Tarts with just one bite.

That's right, doughnuts stuffed with Pop-Tarts are now a real thing, and these bad boys are creating some serious competition in the food mashup game. Not to mention, they look downright heavenly.

Rightfully donned as the Big Poppa Pop Tart Donut, each one of the sugary squares consists of a strawberry toaster pastry concealed within the walls of a delectable, fluffy doughnut.

In simpler terms, it's essentially a pastry stuffed inside a bigger pastry -- because, who on Earth would want to settle for a boring old jelly-filled doughnut when you can cram an entire Pop-Tart inside your doughnut instead?

Thanks to these badass treats, deciding what to have for breakfast just got a whole lot easier.

Feast your eyes on the Big Poppa Pop Tart Donut.

From the outside, it looks like your ordinary pastry.

But these sweet snacks are hiding a secret Pop-Tart inside.

Breakfast just got a whole lot more delicious thanks to these delectable doughnuts.