The Glass Champagne Bong Is A Thing And We Need One Immediately (Photos)

Need a quick, stealthy pick-me-up in the middle of the day?

You might want to get your hands on a Chambong! This high-quality glass is a cross between a Champagne flute and a beer bong. We've never seen anything like it. Just make sure you always have a bottle of Champagne handy.

The Chambong works simply: You connect the end of the glass to your mouth and pour Champagne down the top of the glass. The rest is in your hands, so make sure you have your lucky drinking pants on.

The best part? The Chambong will only run you a cool $25. I guess money can buy happiness after all!

Check out the photos below for a closer look.

Behold, the Chambong, a cross between a Champagne flute and a beer bong.

But why combine a flute and a beer bong? Because the result is awesome, that's why!

The Chambong is perfect for every occasion, including weddings...

Late nights while you're out and about...

...and late nights when you're in and all alone.

The Chambong even makes the cut for football Sundays!

It also serves as a great snack holder.

For just $25, you can make sure you always have a quick dose of Champagne ready with the Chambong.