Woman Devours The Biggest Burger You've Ever Seen In Under 10 Minutes

Kate Ovens on YouTube

Listen, it's 2016. Women can shovel disgusting, artery-clogging food into their mouths just as well as men can.

Leading us in this feminist revolution to shave years off our lives is Kate Ovens, a competitive eater. The 21-year-old British student has a YouTube channel devoted to her devouring mountains of greasy food as quickly as she possibly can.

Her latest conquest was the 28-ounce "Jam Burger," which looks like a literal stack of burgers on burgers on burgers, with a side of fries and a giant milkshake.

Spoiler alert: She f*cking crushed it. She downed her whole meal in nine minutes and 21 seconds.

Damn, girl! I mean, yes, while watching this I was experiencing waves of nausea and mentally begging her to please not do this because, girl, love yourself, for real. But, I was also hella impressed. She's kind of a badass eating machine.

I am praying for her doctor, though.

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