Finally! Some Genius Invented A 100 Percent Stain-Proof White T-Shirt

We all know the familiar struggle of trying to keep a freshly washed, white T-shirt looking pristine.

There's nothing worse than having to walk around all day with a big ugly stain on the front of your shirt that sticks out like a sore thumb against the bright, white backdrop.

But if you happen to a be messy eater, you'll be glad to know you can finally wear your beloved white tees without looking like a total slob because someone just invented a stain-proof shirt.

Created by the geniuses at Threadsmiths Clothing, The Cavalier shirt is made with patented hydrophobic technology and will protect you from water and dirt. Seriously, stains are no match for this innovative article of clothing.

So how exactly does this stain-resistant shirt work? It's quite simple.

The Cavalier shirt is engineered with special nanotechnology that reduces its total surface area and creates a hydrophobic effect.

Therefore, when liquids like water and dirt come in contact with the shirt, they can't adhere to the fabric and simply bead up and roll off, keeping you nice and clean no matter what kind of sticky situation you get yourself in.

Say "goodbye" to the days of carrying around a stain stick to get those pesky spots off your white tee.

With this awesome stain-proof shirt, you can pretty much chow down like a caveman and rest assured you won't be looking like you just lost an epic food fight when you leave the lunch table.

Take a look at the video to see The Cavalier shirt in action.

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