This Is The Fruity Wine Slushie You'll Want To Drink All Season Long

Wine occupies a truly special place in my heart.

When it comes to downing a few glasses of my beloved vino, I don't discriminate.

I'll drink it red, white, in the form of sangria, as a spritzer or even straight out of the damn bottle because let's be real, there's no type of drunk that can compare to wine drunk.

If you're looking for some new ways to get white-wine wasted this spring, I'm happy to inform you there are tons of ways you can turn your alcoholic elixir into a warm-weather treat.

Remember when I showed you all of those icy wine desserts?

Well, it turns out those sweet treats aren't the only cool wine concoctions out there.

Allow me to introduce you to the almighty Summer Fruit Wine Slush.

Created by Modern Mommyhood, this clever recipe gives the boring old fruit slushie a boozy upgrade by adding none other than wine, of course.

I mean, seriously, how did we all not think of this genius idea before?

All you need is some frozen fruit, white wine and a blender to make these things, so yeah, there's basically nothing stopping you from giving yourself a boozy brain freeze on the reg.

Take a look at the pictures below to see these frozen boozy beverages.

Modern Mommyhood just did the unthinkable and turned your favorite frosty beverage into an epic, wine-filled treat.

Modern Mommyhood

That's right. Fruit wine slushies are actually real things, and the best part is they're insanely easy to make.

Modern Mommyhood

All you have to do is freeze some strawberries, peaches and grapes...

Modern Mommyhood

Toss them in a blender along with some white wine, like Moscato...

Modern Mommyhood

...and fire that bad boy up until everything is blended to frosty perfection. Then, simply pour your icy concoction into a glass...

Modern Mommyhood

...and get ready to turn up with a seriously delicious fruity wine slushie.

Modern Mommyhood

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