Getting Free Drinks At Starbucks Just Got So Much Easier

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DING, DING, FREAKING DING: That's the damn latte alarm, sleepyheads! There's a revolution rising in the Starbucks universe that affects all us basics in a MAJOR way!

The My Starbucks Rewards program is changing come April, so get on board or end up like the grandfather in “The Grapes of Wrath.” (Spoiler: He dies.)

Those of you who currently use the MSR program know one purchase earns one star, regardless of how much you spend. I'll admit I've stood in line separately during one visit to get a star for both my flat white and my spinach and feta breakfast wrap just to milk two stars out of a $9 visit.

I'm not proud of the lies, the espionage, the treachery or the cheapness of that move but, when you throw all your hard earned money at steamed milk and breakfast breads, that free reward can't come soon enough.

Luckily, Starbs heard our cries and changed its rewards program to reflect every dollar we fiends spend.

Starbucks Rewards

Two stars will now be rewarded for every dollar spent. Green level card-holders will have to earn 300 stars to get to Gold level and current Gold members (i.e. me, obviously) will need 125 stars to nab that complimentary treat.


Le 'Bux also brings faithful followers (read: addicts) Double Star Days. The days will occur randomly once per month and Gold members will be alerted via email.

Things are about to get dangerously caffienated, people.

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