The Ultimate Bloody Mary Has A Whole Pizza, Fried Chicken And Everything Else Under The Sun In It (Photos)

In need of something new to order at the bar? You might want to try this one out! It comes with a ridiculous amount of food. Thanks to comedian Randy Liedtke, everyone has a new beverage to show off when they're en route to a blackout session. Liedtke decided to create a Blood Mary that no one's ever created before.

This thing features a personal pizza pie, French fries, a full rack of ribs, an actual lemon, an actual lime, two double cheeseburgers, garlic bread, onion rings, jalapeños, a sandwich, multiple pieces of fried chicken and tons of olives.

According to Thrillist, the comedian had to sketch up a blueprint before actually assembling this thing because the amount of stuff it had in it was overbearing. Once assembled, Randy Liedtke considered it a true success and took all of these awesome photos for us to see.

You might want to order this next time you're starving at brunch. They'll probably look at you like you're crazy, but that's when you can tell them that it's actually been done!

H/T: Thrillist, Photos Courtesy: RandyLiedtke